Links to podcasts, videos, and music I really enjoy

Carl Sagan’s Cosmos – This series sparked my interest in Space. Carl helped to assemble the golden records included on the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 space probes (currently the furthest man made objects in the universe). Carl’s widow Ann Druyan was one of the original co-creators and has revived the series, living up to the spirit of the original with help from Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Seth McFarLane. The new Cosmos episodes can be seen on Fox, but not all episodes are free.

Star Talk – Hosted by Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium at the New York Museum of Natural History and co-hosted by Comedian Chuck Nice, the podcast features subject matter experts who discuss a range of interesting science topics. Regular guests include Dr. Janna Levin, who is an expert on Black Holes and Bill Nye whom I’m sure needs no introduction. My fav: Fungus Among Us

PBS Spacetime – Bleeding edge astrophysics packaged into 15 minute videos that the layman (yours truly) can usually consume. Matt O’Dowd is a great host, and his world class team of special effects animators bring difficult to visualize theories into focus. My fav: CCC

Veritasium – An Element of Truth. Science Education videos by Dr. Derek Muller. My fav: The universe is hostile to computers

The Royal Institution – Lectures, presentations & demonstrations from the front lines scientific research with a history going all the way back to the times of Michael Faraday. My fav: What our brains do when dreaming

Mr. Wizard – Hosted and created by Don Herbert, Mr. Wizard was effectively the first science communicator in everyone’s living room. My fav: Electricity

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell – Short videos that explain simply very complicated scientific topics and ideas. My fav: Fermi Paradox

Joe Rogan Experience – Joe is the comedian that hosted Fear Factor originally, he is also an MMA commentator. For the most part he has interesting guests. Nick Bostrom episode was kind of painful though, Sean Carroll did a much better job interviewing him on Mindscape. Be sure to get caught up on Joe’s YouTube channel. My Fav: Brian Greene

Mechanical Universe – This series helped me to -begin- to understand relativity, and how we got there. Produced by Caltech, Professor David Goodstein sets the tone and takeaways from each episode. Great animation and I believe the first series to feature CGI, very impressive for the time.

Mindscape Podcast – Hosted by Dr. Sean Carroll, a Professor at CalTech that teaches Quantum Physics. His podcast features interviews with intellectuals from a wide range of backgrounds in the Arts and Sciences. My fav: Grimes

100% Electronica Big Stream VR, the first weekly virtual reality live stream featuring demos and live performances from amazing independent artists, as well as regular live sets by artists on their label. Hosted by George Clanton, Negative Gemini, and Adam Kane. Works with Google Cardboard.

KSPC.ORG Livestream – KSPC 88.7 FM Claremont, California. College radio I grew up on. This station exposes me to new Artists and genres regularly. They got a show for everyone. My Fav: DJ Moon

Adult Swim Streams – Cerebral comedy and impressive Art from the Adult Swim cable channel. The videos with the small key require you prove that you have cable TV by logging into your cable provider, but there is lots of free stuff if you are a cheapass like me. My Fav: Robot Chicken