Here are links to some podcasts and videos that I highly recommend.

Mindscape Podcast – Hosted by Dr. Sean Carroll, a professor at CalTech that teaches Quantum Physics, and is known to be a popularizer of the ‘Many Worlds’ interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. His podcast features interviews with intellectuals from a wide range of backgrounds.

Star Talk – Hosted by Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium at the New York Museum of Natural Histor and co-hosted by Comedian Chuck Nice, the podcast features subject matter experts who discuss a range of interesting science topics. Regular guests include Dr. Janna Levin an expert on Black Holes and Bill Nye whom I am sure needs no introduction.

PBS Spacetime – Bleeding edge astrophysics packaged into 15 minute videos that the layman (me) can usually consume. Matt O’Dowd is a great host, and his world class team of special effects animators bring difficult to visualize theories into focus.

The Royal Institution – Lectures from the biggest names in science with a history going all the way back to the times of Michael Faraday.

Joe Rogan Experience – Joe is the comedian that hosted Fear Factor originally, he is also an MMA commentator. For the most part he has interesting guests, but do yourself a favor and skip the Alex Jones drama.

Lex Friedman – Lex is an Artificial Intelligence researcher at MIT and host of a podcast that features everyone from nobel prize winning physicists to his dad (a plasma physicist).

Mechanical Universe – This series helped me to -begin- to understand relativity.

Carl Sagan’s Cosmos – This series aired in the 80s and sparked my interest in Space. The series is still very relevant today, requiring very few revisions (take this with you: cosmic calendar actually spans 13.8 billion years not 15 billion). Carl was my hero!

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