Here are links to some podcasts and videos that I highly recommend.

Mindscape Podcast – Hosted by Dr. Sean Carroll, a professor at CalTech that teaches Quantum Physics. His podcast features interviews with intellectuals from a wide range of backgrounds.

Star Talk – Hosted by Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium at the New York Museum of Natural History. Co-hosted by Comedian Chuck Nice, the podcast features a subject matter experts who discuss a range of interesting science topics. Regular guests include Dr. Janna Levin and Bill Nye.

PBS Spacetime – The latest in Astrophysics packaged into 15 minute videos that the layman can easily consume. Matt O’Dowd is a great host, and his world class team of special effects animators bring difficult to visualize theories into focus.

The Royal Institution – Lectures from the biggest names in science with a history going all the way back to the times of Michael Faraday

Joe Rogan Experience – Joe is the comedian that hosted Fear Factor originally, he is also an MMA commentator. For the most part he has interesting guests, avoid the alex jones episodes though.

Lex Friedman – Lex is an Artificial Intelligence researcher at MIT and host of a podcast that features everyone from nobel prize winning physicists to his dad (a plasma physicist).

Mechanical Universe – This series helped me to -begin- to understand relativity.

Carl Sagan’s Cosmos – This series aired in the 80s and sparked my interest in Astrophysics. Still very relevant today requiring very few revisions (take this with you: cosmic calendar actually spans 13.8 billion years not 15 billion). Carl was my hero.

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