This charge controller will not work with any solar panel. I originally had (4) generic 100w panels in parallel on this unit, but in the winter learned panels must be <25V open circuit, otherwise neither solar or alternator will be allowed to charge the house battery bank. Mine were 27V open circuit, so I ended up buying a single 100w panel that is <25V to avoid the whole ‘refuse to charge’ issue that occurred some winter mornings.

To charge from alternator at 50A you will need to disconnect the solar array, otherwise the alternator side will only provide 25A + available solar.

Unit has large heatsink and does not get too hot.

I used this to add lithium battery to an existing lead-acid setup, effectively creating a new, seprate battery bank that can pull from the old battery bank, this let me use up the lead acid vs just discarding the old battery bank. I have since rotated in lithium for both sides / battery banks. It will not charge the alternator side more than 13.2v so you will want something else charging to 14.4v if you are on lithium on both sides.